Chint Electric Launches First Solar Project In South Australia

Since our first official ground mounted solar farm went live in Renmark in September of 2016, Yates Electrical Services have endeavoured to establish workable and diverse solutions for both developing our solar farm projects, as well as securing the necessary investment for the projects to be completed. Initially, the majority of investment originated from local and national sources, whether as a direct investment from the land-owners who were integrating these generating assets into their existing business enterprises, or from outside investors who were predominantly interested in the financial returns of trading generated electricity to the National Electricity Market.

It wasn’t long however, until the unique nature of our distributed network of 200kW to 1,000kW solar farms - in probably one of the most solar-fertile locations on the planet - piqued the interest of overseas business. It was through this interest that Yates Electrical Services’ sister company Green Gold Energy – based in Adelaide – was born, specifically to facilitate and develop projects which utilised a combination of local and overseas investment. Since its inception, Green Gold Energy has now completed several 1,000kW large scale solar farms, with approximately another fifteen sites currently in various stages of development.

Yet, the true advantage of Green Gold Energy comes from the existing relationships and knowledge the directors bring to the table, resulting in a strong investment portfolio enabling much larger scale projects, accompanied by an unparalleled understanding of the South Australian energy market. This model allows for considerable investment in our rural communities - boosting employment and assisting growth in our local economies while supporting South Australia’s energy grid to deliver seamless results.
One such relationship is that of Chint Electric. Based out of Hangzhou in China and with over 30,000 employees globally, Chint Electric are world leaders in clean energy supply. Founded in 1984, Chint have products in over 100 countries, ranging from low-voltage electrical products to power and distribution equipment, automobile parts, industrial automation and PV power generation solutions. In 2006, recognising the global trend towards photovoltaic energy resources, Chint began investing in PV plants globally to become the largest privately-owned PV plant investor in China.

Last week, through the cooperative relationship forged between Chint Electric and Green Gold Energy, the Riverland’s newest 1MW solar farm on Jury Road in Monash went live. Consisting of 4,000 solar modules and 20 inverters on ground mounted framework, the site is capable of outputting approximately 6.5MWh of electricity daily in ideal conditions.
"This is Chint's first development in Australia, and with such a massive portfolio of PV investments worldwide, it's great to host them in South Australia" said Mark Yates, Director of Green Gold Energy, "through this relationship we have now pieced together a pipeline of new projects throughout South Australia, and we look forward to continuing this great relationship to develop more of these projects into the future."
To commemorate the launch of the 1MW site, Green Gold Energy director Mark Yates had the opportunity to host Meili Lin - Chint Electric’s Australian Operations Manager, and BoWei Xue – the companies Project Engineer – at the site’s location in Monash, South Australia.

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