LGC, it's as easy as 123.

LGC, it's as easy as 123.
In 2014, Mark Yates – the Director of Yates Electrical Services, decided it was time to expand his offices. Prior to that, his business had operated out of the back room of a shed which was barely large enough to swing a cat. Being of modest mind, Mark decided the best way to approach this was by building a modern office in the front of a new, massive, on-site shed, with ‘YATES ELECTRICAL SERVICES’ written in giant illuminated letters across the front, visible from the main arterial connecting Adelaide and Perth to Sydney and Brisbane.

However, being a pioneer of renewable energy solutions in the Riverland, it’s safe to say that this building in Paringa - as noticeable as it is - has a very small footprint on power usage; you will often hear Mark joke about the business being able to be run from a couch with a laptop and a pair of Ugg Boots, with our only real overheads being a new pair of Ugg Boots once in a while.

Of course, that’s completely in jest, and the operations of Yates Electrical Services are as complex as they are demanding. Occasionally though, we get a slight glimmer that we are heading in the right direction, which is great for both our egos, and morale overall.

An industry report released this week has revealed Yates Electrical Services are sitting second on the Top LGC Installers list for 2018. The report, released by solar industry intelligence service SunWiz, provides executive insights into the solar energy market, including trends for installed system sizes, pricing for installations and in-depth data about solar installations across the National Electricity Market.

While the majority of other project developers in the list are included due to their involvement in considerably larger projects than our standard Redmud Green Energy installations, the sheer volume of these smaller solar farms has had a considerable impact on our standing in terms of LGC generating sites.
Yates Electrical Services’ Redmud Green Energy project, on the verge of entering its 3rd year of operation, has now developed a convincing footprint of solar generating sites throughout regional South Australia. According to the REC Registry, of the 74 solar farms registered in South Australia in 2018, 35 of them are registered to Yates Electrical Services - totaling 47.2% of total solar farms currently operating in the state, with approximately 10 more sites set to be registered before the end of 2018.

This has been no easy task though, with Yates Electrical Services basically operating at high capacity for the past couple of years, resulting in the business expanding its workforce in the Riverland region from a crew of 15 in 2016, to over 50 skilled tradespeople and labourers operating on projects throughout Australia. This momentum doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon, with the business set to develop further operations within the energy retail space towards the end of this year and into the new year.

It’s exciting times for what started as a small one-man operation on an unremarkable plot of land in the Riverland town of Paringa, but the Redmud Green Energy model – consisting of the development of a distributed network of large-scale solar installations – looks to be a very promising model moving forward, so it’s anyone’s guess what the next 2 years of operations look like for Yates Electrical Services.

We’re certainly going to be on more lists moving forward though.

Good ones. Hopefully.

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Patrick also likes long walks on the beach, sewing, and photoshopping himself to look like an Avenger. He really wishes he was an Avenger.