Lot 5 Stanitzki Road - Before and After

Lot 5 Stanitzki Road - Before and After
I've probably spent more hours trying to find myself - or my car - in Google Maps Street View than I would care to admit. There's something strangely cathartic about it, surveying your local area, trying to find points of interest in the massive world that is Google Maps. Even the satellite view is responsible for wasting countless hours of my time.

That being said; it is extremely satisfying when Google start their rotation of updating your local area, giving you an entirely new playground in which to explore while seeing just how much the landscape is changing. It's even more interesting when you work in a business who specialise in constructing solar farms, which are very clearly visible on the platform.

The last month has been extremely exciting on the Google Maps frontier - with Yates Electrical Services having now completed over 40 solar farms in regional South Australia - it's interesting to see them slowly popping up, as large chunks of the state gets updated with better and more recent imagery.

While exploring the updated area at the start of this week, I stumbled across Lot 5 Satnitzki Road in Lyrup. This is a site which has been under development for well over a year now, but only recently started construction. The site - although having now been completed - is a 1000kW solar farm located out the back of Renmark, and consists of 4,000 solar panels on ground mounted framework.

Probably the most satisfying component of finding this solar farm is comparing it with the site plans which were generated over a year ago, which are almost a perfect match.

Check the slider out below to see the difference between the original site plans and the Google Maps view of the site.

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