Reedy for Anything

It was a time for Yates Electrical Services where the business was starting to noticeably form two very distinct operations. Mark Yates - having spent several years supporting works in High-Voltage Substation construction - had recently been awarded his first supervisory role on a project, while back in the Riverland the rooftop solar boom was gaining some serious momentum.

Matthew ‘Reedy’ Reed - a grape grower based in Renmark and childhood friend of Mark’s joined the business in 2010 as a Trades Assistant and has been a valuable member of the Yates Electrical Services team ever since. Having been involved in both the High-Voltage construction as well as residential solar installations, Reedy has remained loyal to the company through the best and worst of times.

In 2017, following a visit to InterSolar - Europe’s largest renewable energy conference held annually in Munich, Mark approached Matthew about the possibility of purcahsing a post knocker, thus providing a service which had previously been outsourced during the construction phase of Yates Electrical Services’ new Solar Farm initiative.

By having a business locally that could assist with the wealth of upcoming work for commercial scale Solar installations across South Australia, the process could be considerably streamlined, providing mutual benefit.

Not long after, Reedys Contracting was born.

Since then, Matthew has provided precision pile-driving services in the construction of more than half of the over forty solar farms currently generating throughout the Riverland region, with the next couple of years looking like the beginnings of a solar energy boom in South Australia as the state - now on track to reach 73 percent renewable power in just two years, pushes forward with a host of new renewable energy projects currently in development.

By building solid business relationships like we have with Reedys Contracting, Yates Electrical Services are looking toward a bright, renewable energy future, and prosperity for rural regions.

About the Author

Patrick is the Marketing and Communications Manager at Yates Electrical Services. When he's not designing stuff and writing stories, he performs as an acoustic soloist and spends time with his beautiful little family.

Patrick also likes long walks on the beach, sewing, and photoshopping himself to look like an Avenger. He really wishes he was an Avenger.