Riverland and Mallee Vocational Awards

Riverland and Mallee Vocational Awards
The Riverland and Mallee Vocational Awards - organised by the Rotary Club of Berri - celebrates the growing community of apprentices and trainees working throughout the Riverland across various industry sectors, including building and construction, electrical, automotive, hairdressing, cooking and baking, printing and graphic arts, as well as numerous other industries. The annual event which has been running since 1982 has been shining a spotlight, not only on the hard work and dedication our apprentices put into furthering their skills, but also the opportunities our local businesses are providing a young workforce to build qualifications that will serve them well into the future. Through nurturing our young professionals in the growth of their career developments, these local businesses are ensuring a continuation of valuable skilled resources within our regional communities.

With approximately 900 apprentices and trainees currently operating within the Riverland and Mallee regions, programs like this highlight the important work these young people do in continuing the growth of local economies while value-adding to our regional communities.

The awards, held on Friday evening at the Berri Hotel, showcased the stand-out apprentices and trainees working in their chosen vocations throughout the region, while also acknowledging some of the amazing work taking place within our schools to prepare motivated individuals as they transition into higher learning and trades. The night was a fantastic display of the dedicated youth who have committed themselves to furthering their skills.
"Both Alex and Brad began their apprenticeships with Yates Electrical Services and will be completing those apprenticeships this year."
Yates Electrical Services would like to extend a huge congratulations to two of our apprentices who were nominated for awards on the night, both Alex Lancaster and Bradley Dolling have proved themselves as extremely valuable assets to our business, excelling in a field which can often be challenging. It has been a great pleasure having these two loyal apprentices as fitting and commendable members of the YES team.

Congratulations to all who were nominated for an award on the evening, particularly those who received recognition for their enthusiasm in the workplace. Being invited to be a part of the evening is affirmation of the appreciation your employers and teachers have for your skills and abilities.

Yates Electrical Services would also like to congratulate the Rotary Club of Berri, the Berri Hotel and all the sponsors of the event for a successful evening and the great work they do in our community.

The team at Yates Electrical Services.

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