The Barossa Valley Chocolate Company launch

The Barossa Valley Chocolate Company launch
Do you remember that television advert with Cate Blanchett where she find a magic lamp and wishes for a never ending packet of Tim Tams? There are very few things that get me excited in this world, but Tim Tams are definitely in the top 5, so mark my words; if I ever encounter a magic genie, that will be the first thing I ask for.

Short of a magic packet of chocolate biscuits however, my aspirations to be heavily involved with milk dairy products ends. I couldn’t imagine myself being a chocolatier, at least without consistently eating my profits due to my love of chocolate - a love which has now given me another reason to visit the Barossa as soon as humanly possible.
This week (today actually) marks the launch of the newest tourist epicurean attraction in South Australia, as the Barossa Valley Chocolate Company opened its doors on their gorgeous new destination in the Barossa Valley. Comprising an artisan chocolate lovers dream while also catering for those of us who equally love our wine, the incredible new center spares no expense, both visually and functionally.

Developed by Chris and Sandy Day, both of whom have a history of grape growing in the region, the new building houses a chocolatery, a cellar door, a cafe and retail area, and boasts a feeling of fun, frivolity and decadence while nestling peacefully amongst the grape vines on the outskirts of Tanunda.

As part of the projects vision to provide future generations a sustainable, vibrant and robust tourism industry, the decision was made to include a renewable energy generating system. Yates Electrical Services were proud to have been able to provide a 100kW solar installation on the roof of the structure.

“We’ve found great value in providing business in the Riverland with renewable energy solutions,” said Mark Yates, director of Yates Electrical Services.
“I think increasingly - particularly for the larger consumers of energy, they’re seeing the benefit that having an asset like this on-site can provide.”
Mark Yates and Yates Electrical Services Business Development Manager Haydn Yates were invited to attend the launch of the new building, which should definitely stand as a great attraction to one of Australia’s premier wine regions. I’m simultaneously jealous I’m not there, and relieved I couldn’t go - Chocolate and wine has the potential to be a dangerous combination for me, one that would definitely test my self-control - of which I have none.

So next time you find yourself in the Barossa region, make sure to stop in the Barossa Valley Chocolate Company, and the team at Yates Electrical Services extend our congratulations to this fantastic business on delivering a world class venue.

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