YES Energy Obtains Retail Energy License

I took a really long time to grow up. Like, a really long time.

The first 10 years of my working life I spent pond-skipping from one dead end job to another. Fortunately - as I didn’t harbour an over-abundance of ambition - being a barely functioning member of society and essentially landing roles which had no room for growth, no future, and a pay rate which made you question whether it would just be easier to quit and ‘work for the government’, was something I was exceptionally comfortable with.

From bars and clubs to fast food joints, banks, massive corporate retail chains, small family owned businesses, linen stores, bookstores, music stores and bowling alleys (I was even training as a chef at one point). I’ve worked in offices, I’ve knocked on doors, I’ve disturbed family dinners, I’ve prepared family dinners. I’ve worked in warehouses, call centres, pool halls, arcades and Pokie venues. You name it and I’ve probably tried it. I reached a point where I stopped adding businesses to my resume because it was costing me too much to print.

Yet through the quagmire of roles which served little to no purpose in terms of personal development (apart from being able to make a Whopper in 12 seconds, go me), there were a couple of gems which - unbeknownst to me at the time, would actually serve me quite well in my future endeavours.

For example; Between 2009 and 2011, I worked for one of the larger Australian electricity retail companies. Although the role itself was nothing particularly notable, it did provide me valuable exposure into the retail side of the electricity market, as well as give me the skills and experience which would ultimately potentially come in very useful if I were to ever start working for an electrical contracting firm based in Paringa, South Australia, which just happened to build a large distributed network of renewable energy generating assets and then - through its sister company - obtained its electrical retail license.

In other news, Yates Electrical Services, an electrical contracting firm based in Paringa, South Australia, has now successfully built a large distributed network of renewable energy generating assets, and this week its sister company - YES Energy - has been granted an electrical retail license.

On the surface, this equates to a piece of paper with some very official sounding words stating that YES Energy has been given official permission to act as a market participant in a retail capacity, yet - superficially - the simple, unassuming A4 parchment utterly fails to embody the sheer amount of work which has gone into obtaining it. Countless hours, discussions, reading, development, tweaking, re-tweaking, perfecting, proof-reading and back and forth between relevant industry bodies resulted in a submission - the size of which would rival Tolstoy’s ‘War and Peace’, or my resume.
What this means for us can not be understated.
In 2015, Yates Electrical Services launched its Redmud Green Energy project. The project - born almost of necessity, was developed to assist land-owners in reactivating redundant land parcels, no longer able to be used for traditional farming practices, by introducing renewable energy solutions. This solved several problems; For land-owners and growers, it reduced their power bills as well as their reliance on fluctuating primary production markets, providing them a supplementary income stream and diversifying their business. For the community, it created construction jobs and boosted local economies; as more land-owners and growers delved into solar farming, more revenue was being generated - and spent - locally.

Yet even at the beginning of this whirlwind adventure, there was always one clear goal; A goal which would take over 3 years to complete.

And now, after the plethora of work which has gone into it, Yates Electrical Services - who already have their fingers in several pies, including high-voltage construction, residential solar installations and the Redmud Green Energy project - have finally been granted a license to retail energy, making YES Energy one of less than a hundred businesses in Australia to obtain the authorisation. With our growing number of generating assets providing a physical hedge against exposure to the market, and dealing exclusively in renewables, YES Energy is the latest weapon in our clean energy arsenal.

Gaining the license is just the first - very big - step, however, and there remains a lot of work to do behind the scenes before we’re ready to start signing up customers. But it’s a great feeling knowing there are no more obstacles to overcome.

Probably the most important detail about this though; the retail license was essentially the last piece of the puzzle, making the YES Group a fully vertically integrated company able to source, oversee and construct large-scale renewable energy projects, to now being able to align the consumption of a residential and business customer base with these assets.

And we did it all from our little office in Paringa.

About the Author

Patrick is the Marketing and Communications Manager at Yates Electrical Services. When he's not designing stuff and writing stories, he performs as an acoustic soloist and spends time with his beautiful little family.

Patrick also likes long walks on the beach, sewing, and photoshopping himself to look like an Avenger. He really wishes he was an Avenger.